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What Are Common Lock Problems and How Can You Fix Them?

Have you ever found yourself getting locked inside or outside of your house, office or car? If yes, then we know how much these home/office lockouts can trouble you and make you anxious. Fixing a lock problem is not everyone's cup of tea, especially in the modern era of digital locks. You need enough experience and adequate expertise to fix a lock problem quickly and efficiently.

If you take the DIY approach without proper expertise, the lock problem might worsen and end up costing you a lot more to fix. In such a situation, it is always better to contact a reliable and experienced locksmith service like Kyox Locksmiths of Dartford to handle all the lock problems. Despite that, sometimes some useful tips or tricks can help you easily fix a lock problem. This blog post will introduce you to some common lock problems and provide you with some tips to fix them.

Your Door Lock Won't Open or Close

This is the most common lock problem that troubles almost everyone at least once in a lifetime. This type of lock problem mainly arises when your door locking mechanism is jammed. And the reason is quite simple. There may be dirt and debris accumulated in its keyhole. As a result, the locking bolt is prevented from moving up and down.

However, you can easily fix this lock problem with some simple tips. First, insert a toothpick or small brush into the keyhole and try to remove the dirt or debris from it. If this does not work, spray some amounts of lubricant into the keyhole. As lubricant enters through the keyhole, it will loosen up the locking mechanism and allow the locking bolt to function properly. However, if neither of these tricks works, we recommend you contact a professional and experienced locksmith service provider as early as possible for lock changing.

Keys Don't Work in the Lock

Sometimes you might identify at the time of safe opening that the key to your safe has stopped working in the lock. There are a few things that can cause this type of lock problem. It may be because the key cannot be inserted into the lock. Sometimes it may be possible that the keyhole is clogged with dirt and debris, or your key cannot turn the locking bolt. We always recommend spraying some WD-40 or any other lubricant into the keyhole to fix this problem. Besides, you can use a plunger to force the lock to open.

Your Key Breaks in the Lock

We know how much it makes you worried when your key breaks in the lock. However, we always recommend you try a few things to fix the broken key extraction problem. First, make an effort to remove the broken key with the help of tweezers or any of the following tools:

You can easily find these types of tools in a local hardware shop. If it does not work, you should call a professional locksmith service provider to help you escape that panic.

However, you need to replace the cylinder or lock body after extracting the broken key from the keyhole. And usually, this is not at all troublesome work. All you must do is unscrew the screws that hold the old cylinder and remove the old cylinder. After that, attach the new cylinder and fix it by screwing it tightly. But if your key broke off in the deadbolt, you would have to replace the entire deadbolt assembly, which is comparatively a complex process. In such a situation, it's always better to contact a professional and experienced locksmith service provider as early as possible.

Difficult to Lock/Unlock uPVC Door

We might experience in our uPVC doors that sometimes your key cannot turn the lock, or you cannot extract the key after locking/unlocking the door. These types of lock problems arise mainly due to a faulty alignment or a faulty locking system. However, fixing these types of lock problems is much more difficult and trickier as you usually need to replace the entire locking system with a new one. So you need many parts and advanced tools to fix the lock problem. In such a situation, contacting a locksmith service provider is the best bet for you to resolve the issue quickly and professionally.

Door Latch Is Not Aligning

Although this is not exactly a lock problem, still it's a relatively common issue that troubles us most of the time. And the scenario is quite clear. The latch is not aligned properly with the door frame whenever you open or close your door. This happens when the set screw holding the knob to the rod has become loose.

Fixing this type of lock problem is not a big issue. First of all, inspect the strike plate on the door frame. It might be damaged or loosened. If it is, then replace the style plate or tighten the screws. However, if you can't find any problem in the strike plate, the problem must lie in the latch itself. Try to adjust the latch by tightening the screws, and in case it does not work, replace the door latch with a new one.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, door lock problems can always be frustrating for any individual, and most of the time, it leaves us in such a situation where we become helpless unless we know the tricks to fix it. We hope you got all the tips from this blog post about fixing common lock problems.

However, we always advise you to contact a professional locksmith service provider like Kyox Locksmiths of Dartford to diagnose and fix the lock problem quickly and efficiently. With years of experience in the locksmith business, they are truly capable of installing, repairing or replacing any lock, along with burglary repair and other locksmith services. So, if you are facing any of the above lock problems, feel free to call DKyox Locksmiths of Dartford on 01322 476138 as early as possible without any hesitation.


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